MAC Recipes: We will start adding recipes for you to make Edibles in the safety and comfort of your home. Stay tuned! *Please consume safely & responsibly*


Here is one way we make Cannabutter, as you will need this for future MAC recipes.
There are various ways to change this recipe for different results (longer Decarb time, longer simmer time, etc). We believe going “LOW AND SLOW” while simmering is best (Low temp & slow/long simmer). If you have a favorite method for Cannabutter please share! *Information on testing potency pulled from*


Are you a s’mores lover? If yes, this recipe is a must have.
• 10 Graham cracker squares
• 10 large marshmallows
• 1 (100mg) Chocolate bar- try a flavored one to spice things up!
1. Heat broiler & line a small pan with aluminum foil.
2. Break the graham crackers in half. Top graham crackers with a marshmallow and put remaining graham crackers to the side.
3. Broil just until the marshmallows tops brown.
4. Break chocolate into 10 squares. Carefully remove the pre-assembled cracker halves w/marshmallow from the pan. Top each with 1 piece of chocolate and the other half of the graham cracker. *May increase dose by adding more chocolate if desired*
Enjoy safely & responsibly!
**Typical “starter dose” is around 5mg. These would be a step up from that, so please enjoy safely and responsibly.**


Here is a recipe for Shortbread Cookies! 😋
Please enjoy safely & responsibly!
Do you have a favorite edible recipe? Please share!



Love applicators?
Then you’ll be stoked about this SUPER EASY recipe for “LITT Cosmic Brownz”

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