Doobiebird Daydream *MAC Grown


24.1% TAC

A Hybrid cross between the legendary Blue Dream and Gupta Kush, this strain has a sweet and piney taste with both kush and haze notes thanks to its parentage. Reported to be uplifting and stimulating before moving into gentle sedation, this strain can be effective for treating insomnia, headaches, eye pressure, and chronic pain. THCA: 22.7% DTHC: 0.3% CBDA: 0.1% CBGA: 0.3% CBCA: 0.2% CBL: 0.3% CBG: 0.1% CBNA: 0.1% TOTAL TERPENES: 1.01%  MYRCENE: 0.17% NEROLIDOL: 0.16% LIMONENE: 0.14%

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