MAC Pre-Rolls


20.4% TAC

A Sativa-dominant Hybrid descended from Grandpa’s Breath, this strain is reported to be well balanced with a state of relaxed but functional euphoria. Great for daytime or nighttime use. THCA: 18.8% DTHC: 0.3% CBGA: 0.7% CBG: 0.1% CBDA: 0.1% CBL: 0.2% CBCA: 0.2% TOTAL TERPENES: 1.4% CARYOPHYLLENE: 0.29% NEROLIDOL: 0.25% LIMONENE: 0.22% LINALOOL: 0.2%


***Rainbow Road Out of Stock in Pre-Roll***

21.8% TAC

A 50/50 Hybrid cross descended from Sunset Sherbert,, this strain has a sweet and minty aroma. Reported to be mentally uplifting while also providing functional relaxation, this strain is said to be great for ailing stress and tension without sedation. THCA: 19.6% DTHC: 1.5% CBGA: 0.3% CBG: 0.1% CBL: 0.2% CBCA: 0.1% TOTAL TERPENES: 3.28% LIMONENE: 1.03% LINALOOL: 0.5% MYRCENE: 0.41% B-PINENE: 0.31% A-PINENE: 0.24%


17.3% TAC

An Indica-dominant Hybrid bred from Banana OG,  this sweet-tasting strain is reported to be a ‘creeper’, beginning  with a relaxing body buzz that eases muscles and joints before finishing with strong sedation and appetite stimulation. THCA: 16.5% DTHC: 0.4% CBGA: 0.2% CBL: 0.1% CBCA: 0.1% TOTAL TERPENES: 1.72% MYRCENE: 0.54% LIMONENE: 0.49% CARYOPHYLLENE: 0.2%


18.8% TAC

An Indica-dominant strain descended from GSC and Blueberry, this strain is reported to be relaxing and effective for pain management and stress. THCA: 17.7% DTHC: 0.2% CBGA: 0.5% CBG: 0.1% CBL: 0.2% CBCA: 0.1% TOTAL TERPENES: 1.35% LIMONENE: 0.33% MYRCENE: 0.27%

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