New Pre-Rolls! Congolese Kush and Bangin’ Blues

Congolese Kush

THCA: 21.7% THC: 0.2% CBDA: 0.1% CBGA: 0.7% CBC: 0.2%

An Indica-dominant hybrid of Grand Master Kush and Bangi Haze. This strain has a lemon and minty diesel aroma. Patients have reported it’s use for both mind and full-body relaxation


Bangin’ Blues

THCA: 20.0% THC: 0.3% CBDA: 0.03% CBGA: 0.8% CBC: 0.1%

A well-balanced 50-50 Hybrid cross of Bangi haze and HDB, this strain is said to be calming with mild and pleasant euphoria and relaxation

(Produced by Berkshire Roots)

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