Poet’s Walk Shatter- Sativa-dominant: A cross between Kenya Gold & Jurassic Thai, This strain from Kingcade Garden creation is reported to stimulate euphoria and creativity for patients looking to stay active and energized. CANNABINOIDS (TAC: 91.8%): THCa: 85.1% THC: 4.3% CBC:1.43% THCv: 0.4% CBGa: 0.7% TERPENES (1.45%) (BR)

Sacari Shatter- Sativa-dominant: This Garden Sanctuary creation is the product of Critical Super Silver Haze X Mendocino Purple (4XBX). With a lemon and berry aroma, Patients report uplifting and euphoric effects.  CANNABINOIDS (TAC: 90.10%): THCa: 82.4% THC: 4.6% CBC:0.9% CBDa: 0.7% CBGa: 1.5% TERPENES (1.41%) (BR)

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